“Find Your Voice” Individual Coaching Program

12 Week Live and Online Interactive Experience with Dr. Doreen Downing



The goal is to build a deep self-confidence so that you can speak from the calm, clear, powerful Essence of who you are and find the success you desire.

The program includes weekly calls, the Signature “Find Your Voice” Course, instructional videos, exercises, assignments, practice, and ongoing email support.

We meet together weekly for 1 hour on Zoom video.

Week 1: Kickstart

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Overview, agreements, clear objectives so that a safe, supportive and inspired learning environment for personal growth is established.

Week 2: Face to Face with Fear

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Identify and address the root causes of your fear related to public speaking so you can finally face it, heal it, and be free of it.

Week 3: The Center of Stillness


Be Still – Learn how to calm your nervous system so that you can quickly quiet your mind and ground your body when you start to get anxious.

Week 4: The Power Of Now

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Be Present- Learn how to stay centered in the “Now” and in your core strength so that you can speak from a place of personal empowerment.

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Week 5: Here’s Looking At You


Be Softly Gazing – Learn how to be comfortable when all eyes are on you and when you are looking at your listeners so that you can be relaxed.

Week 6: The Lost Art of Listening

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Be Listening – Learn how to listen to your listeners while you are speaking so that you can create a more genuine relationship with them.

Week 7: Positively Irresistible

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Be Positive – Learn how to tap into the core Essence of who you are so that you can be magnetic, shine from the inside out, and compel rapt attention.

Week 8: Wired For Connection

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Be Connected – Learn how to be in “Relational Presence” with one person at a time so that everyone feels like you’re talking specifically to them.

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Week 9: The Confident You

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Be Yourself – Learn how to be confident expressing the truth of who you are so that you can finally embody your authentic self and be free.

Week 10: Fearless Speaking in Daily Life

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Learn how to apply the 7 Secrets to your daily life so that you reinforce the learning outcomes and ensure sustained progress with self-expression.

Week 11: Life Is Your Stage

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Continue with Applying the 7 Secrets to your daily life so that you can select areas you’d like to focus on to increase your confidence to speak without fear.

Week 12: What’s Next?

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Review, reflections on results, set actionable next steps so that you can plan for continued personal growth and application beyond the course.

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