Find Your Voice Quiz

The first step in dissolving fear is to face what scares you. Take the quiz to identify what is most challenging about speaking up in front of others. After you complete the quiz, you will have the opportunity to share your answers with me.

Remember, your fear is the path to finding your voice and the inner strength to speak with confidence.

Doreen Downing PhD Doreen Downing PhD

Based on my experience dissolving my own stage fright, my expertise as a Psychologist and Mindfulness Teacher, and my years as Training Director of Speaking Circles® International, I have discovered that being present and connected to your “Essential Self” is the key to relaxed and confident speaking. My unique approach is based on connecting to and speaking from your authentic self rather than focusing on performance techniques.

The Quiz Includes

  1. Multiple choice questions that will identify your biggest challenge
  2. Next steps with an opportunity to share your answers with me and get feedback
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Great Introduction

I learned about how to start overcoming my fears of speaking and look forward to working with Doreen more!

Aleea Ferfuson

Interview with Dr. Doreen Downing and Debbie Hoffman

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