Power of Your Voice

Last week, the electricity went out in my home here in northern California. We were hit by the power outages for public safety.

After that, My PC desktop computer suddenly stopped as I was mid-sentence. And then my MacBook Pro laptop screen got cracked when I dropped it stumbling around in the dark.

That’s right, no power.

It’s made me wonder…

What Can Make You Lose Your Power to Speak

What happens if the power of your voice goes out while you are speaking in public?

If you are in front of a group and you lose your power, it’s like your “lights go out.”

I think when your “lights go out,” your power has been turned off.

We might then ask… what can make you lose your power?

You lose your power when anxiety races through your body like an electrical current. A huge surge of electricity zaps you.

The Fear of Speaking

Fear is a strong emotional current. It can race through your veins and make your muscles contract.

Like I said, you got zapped.

Fear is not a good feeling. It’s more than unpleasant. Fear can be horrifying, terrifying, and utterly debilitating.

When you are struck with that high velocity current of fear, your body feels like it’s been hit with a bolt of lightning.

You freeze in your boots. You burn up in your heels…or Birkenstocks, Sketchers… whatever it is you are wearing.

In any case, your bright spirit, that bright light at the core of your BEing either turns dim, flickers or goes completely out.

Dark as dark.

I’ve worked with so many people who have had moments speaking in public where they lost their power to speak because they were afraid.

Here’s a Story

Here’s a story from my mother.

Mom (who would be 99 today if she had lived past 92) stood on a stage, afraid and without words. She had “an accident.” This means she peed right there on the stage in front of all her classmates. She was only 10 years old!

After this excruciatingly painful event, the other children teased her. They called her Pee More.

Mom’s name was Phyllis Moore. You might see how the kids made fun of her using her name.

This story I just told you was an embarrassing moment for my mother.

Do you have an embarrassing moment about when you were in front of a group speaking and you felt you lost your power?

I’d like to hear your story. Would you be willing to share it with me? I promise to read all stories that are sent.

Even if your story is not as embarrassing than what my mom suffered, let me know if you have anything in that ballpark.

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