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Essential Self is the Same in Any Language

My book, Essential Speaking: The 7-Step Guide to Finding Your Real Voice, is being translated into French by Brendan Flanagan who is practicing the 7 Steps to Essential Speaking with a peer group. He wondered about the phrase “Essential Self” and asked if I had invented it. I told him that I did not invent this concept and went on to explain that my in-depth work on myself (psychotherapy/spiritual practices/personal development) led me to discover many paths to the self that I believe is the essence of who I really am.

What is Essence?

  1. By essence, I mean the core of my Being.  Some might call it the “real self,” “true self, or “authentic self.”

  2. I believe within each of us resides this pure sense of self, and this Essential Self/Essential Being has a voice.

  3. We are all endowed with the potential to speak our truth naturally and fearlessly.

  4. Learning how to listen to the sound of this natural voice and re-connect with it is part of the practice of the 7 Steps to Essential Speaking.

Reclaiming Your Essential Self

The process of reclaiming your Essential Self and speaking from it can be equated with cultivating a garden. Within you are seeds such as courage, beauty, strength, and wisdom that will take root, grow, and blossom as you practice the 7 Steps to Essential Speaking. The voice that then arises from your essential self will be steady, clear, and uniquely yours.

Doreen’s Essential Speaking Tip:

The 7 Steps to Essential Speaking begin with silence. To find the quiet, empty space inside is the first step to re-connecting what is essentially your core essence. Here is a place that is pure presence, without the noisy chatter in your head that tries to tell you how to be, what to do, and what to say. Can you be still and simply breathe without any pressure to perform. This is an inner muscle that can be developed. It will be there and serve you when you are speaking…anywhere, anytime. 

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