hands holding the rich soil and green seedling

The 7-Steps to Essential Speaking, that I developed are designed to treat public speaking anxiety. Each step begins with “Be” (Be Silent, Be Present, Be Aware, Be Attuned, Be Positive, Be Connected, Be Yourself). Notice that there is no focus on what you say or how you say it.

I believe that at the core of public speaking anxiety is the fear of being yourself in front of others.

As a psychologist and Founder of The Essential Speaking Institute I work on a deeper level with those who suffer stage fright. I can help you discover who you really are rather than give you techniques that mask nervousness.

Genuine Connection is the Key to Confidence

Unlike the conventional techniques aimed at improving your performance, the 7 Steps to Essential Speaking teach you how to connect to yourself and others in a genuine manner. Remember that within you resides a pure sense of self, and this Essential Self has a voice. No matter what the disconnection over time is, you can reclaim that voice.

How Fear Dissolves Naturally

In order to transform fear, you must move toward that which frightens you. Commit to discover your fear, be with and experience it. The 7 Steps to Essential Speaking will take you gently through a sequence and usher you to the end result: the natural dissolution of your fear as your authentic self grows stronger.

Plant the Seeds of Courage

Finding your real voice is a process that can be equated with cultivating a garden. Within you are seeds of courage and wisdom that will take root, grow, and blossom as you move through the 7 Steps to Essential Speaking. In the process you will re-connect with your real self. Then the voice that arises from your center, even in the most challenging circumstances, will be steady, clear, and uniquely yours.

Doreen’s Essential Speaking Tip:

Let’s first find those seeds that are within you. What would you say that some of your most positive qualities are? Write these affirmations down. Watch for any negative voice that comes up to minimize these qualities. Keep focused on planting those positive seeds so they can take root. To nurture them and to blossom, walk around repeating those affirmations all day long.

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