Essential Speaking: The 7-Step Guide to Finding Your Real Voice by Doreen Downing, Ph.D.

Learn How to Speak Authentically in Any Situation

Essential Speaking is about being open, present, and genuinely connected to others whenever you speak. My book, Essential Speaking: The 7 Step Guide to Finding Your Real Voice  is a practical guide that will lead readers to a deep confidence to speak authentically in any situation, whether in front of large groups or with just one other person.

Full Presence and True Connection

My approach focuses on full presence and true connection rather than on scripted performance techniques. I believe that the power residing within people can be accessed and brought forth into all communication exchanges, the result being that public speaking fears dissolve naturally. This work is not about learning new techniques to look good; the emphasis is on finding the true self within that can sustain you in any situation.

Benefits of Essential Speaking

With this kind of personal transformation an individual is better equipped to engage in healthy relationships and make a significant contribution to the world. With loved ones, people can bring more honesty to their relationships which usually leads to greater depths of intimacy. And with work, there is more possibility to climb a ladder to personal success if you can speak with confidence.

Doreen’s Essential Speaking Tip:

The path to expressing yourself fully and without fear is actually a practice much like mindfulness. Putting your attention on learning how to be in the moment and not let the thoughts or the judgment of others pull you away from your center, is a key to Essential Speaking. Remember that within you is where your natural power lies. Therefore, the inner work on connecting to your own source is what is important.

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