Boost your Confidence with these 10 Steps

I know you usually find me guiding you to be present and connected when you’re speaking, however…

…as I’m preparing to give a presentation myself…

I wanted to share the 10 steps I personally go through to create content and structure my talk…

1. Know the content you want to share. It helps if you are passionate about the topic. This passion infuses YOU with more natural enthusiasm when you speak. The audience will be energized by your passion.

2. Gather your thoughts, write notes, be open to being creative. You are an artist at work in your studio.

3. Structure your talk with an “opening,” a “body” and a “closing.” Actually, write it out. You don’t have to memorize your speech. Writing it down serves to organize your thoughts. When you rehearse you can follow this sequence.

4. Open with an emotional and personal life story. Put yourself in the middle of a scene. Relate the scene to the topic of your presentation. Tell only a little bit about that moment and what you learned. Relate it to the message you have for your audience.

5. Give a brief preview of your talk. “Tell them what you are going to tell them,” is often what people say about this step.

6. Make sure you give them the reason they NEED to pay attention. Promise them that by the time you finish they will learn whatever it is you are there to teach.

7. Start the body of the talk by addressing the problem. What is the pain, the suffering, the challenge your audience experiences?

8. Now lay out your point of view, your message, your program, or make your main point. You have a solution or an answer to their problem. Let people in on your secrets.

9. Give an experiential exercise. Lead your audience to a deeper understanding of what you want them to learn. Help your listeners integrate what you are saying. That way they can take away more than the theory.

10. Close with an appreciation of your listeners. This acknowledgment is an authentic expression of gratitude. Tell them what you felt was important about the time you spent together.

It’s true my programs are designed to help you overcome the fear of public speaking…

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Remember, a well-prepared talk is one way to boost your confidence.

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