…If You Dread Speaking In Public

I wrote this a while back in a bout of inspiration. Or maybe it was exasperation. It’s unedited, but I wanted to share it with you anyway.
If you dread speaking in public… remember this:
You aren’t going to die
You aren’t going to melt away
You aren’t going to dissolve into a puddle.
If you step toward your fear,
You are going to be empowered.
But how do I convince you of this?
You have to convince yourself.
There is the part of you that wants to change
and the part that doesn’t want to change.
It’s Resistance.
That big “R” word that just won’t let you move toward greater happiness.

What Do You Really Want? 

Don’t you want to be more confident?
Then why do you stop yourself?
Why do you put up blocks?
Why do you prevent yourself from moving into and toward the fear?
These are just excuses.
Excuses because you are afraid.
What are you afraid of?
Are you afraid of your fear?
So, if you knew that your power is at the core of your fear, wouldn’t that motivate you to move through fear and toward your power?

I guess you can’t convince yourself.

It’s There Waiting 


But what will convince you? 
What will motivate you to take on this self-discovery journey?
Yes, it’s a journey to your true self. To your power. To your authentic self. To your Essence!

Wow, what could be more magnificent than finding, connecting, and speaking from your essential core!
If you move into and through fear, you will encounter what has always been there waiting to be reclaimed. It’s your natural power!
You can have a guide right next to you.
I know the path through fear.
Fear is something we can navigate together.
But I get it,
You don’t TRUST
You don’t trust me, you don’t trust yourself, and you don’t trust the process.

Take Action 


If you step back, step away, you will stay stuck.
If you’d like your life to be different when it comes to speaking in front of people,
let me tell you what the first step is…
The first step is to turn toward your fear…to face it.
If you are afraid to take this first step, I’d like to hear why.

Can you share your reasons with me?

Reach out to me. Let’s spend 30 minutes together.

Here’s to your courage!