Losing Your Words When Speaking?

I recently received an email from a woman who said she’s afraid of losing her words and being spontaneously asked to speak. Two very common fears! If you have or ever have had either fear, I thought you might find my response helpful.

Be Present and You Will Find Your Words

“Both situations you refer to, running out of what to say and speaking spontaneously are about being able to be fully present in the moment. This is the 2nd Fearless Speaking Secret. Be Present.

How does one practice being comfortable when no words seem to be there? It is learning to relax in the unknown. Being able to enter into an empty space and tapping into what your heart might want to say. This means connecting with other parts of yourself other than the words in your head.

People are afraid of going blank in front of others, so the answer is to find ways that being in the here and now without the pressure to come up with words is comfortable. People practice meditation, yoga, and other forms of relaxation. Even a Speaking Circle® offers this opportunity. What could you do?

Learning how to speak on your feet is the key. Don’t you do that in one-on-one conversations? You speak and you listen and you respond naturally.

Also, learning to listen to your inner voice is a way to connect with words more quickly. If you have a passion to share, then words can arise freely.

Tips for Finding Your Words

One practical exercise is to look at yourself in a mirror and pick a topic and just start speaking about it to yourself. Another exercise would be for you to find a friend who will be willing to ask you questions and you can practice coming up with answers.

You can begin to trust that this will help you see that you can come up with something to say anytime, anywhere.”

If you’ve read my answer to the end, and you are here now, I’m thinking you are serious about being able to always and instantly find your words.

Relaxing into the unknown and listening to your inner voice is what my programs are about. Would you like to explore the next step in your fearless speaking?

I would love to help you be confident whenever you are called upon to speak.

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