Where the Fear Lives

People come to me because they are afraid of speaking up in public.

And it’s not always just getting on a stage and giving a presentation.

A lot of times it’s just being in a meeting, needing to raise their hand and offer an opinion.

However, they feel like…

  • somebody else is going to say it better
  • their voice isn’t going to be heard
  • they’re going to be boring, or
  • people are just going to ignore them

So it’s not just in giving a speech on a stage, but also in everyday work situations– I come across people who are afraid to make their contributions in meetings.

Controlling the Mind

After I work with these sorts of people, they’ve learned how to:

  • stay calm,
  • stay centered, and
  • NOT go to the fears that run in their mind.

They are able to tap into a deeper sense of “I am here, I have a voice, and I have something that I want to contribute, that I want to say.”

And there’s more strength from inside.

So the work I do is not about teaching people how to be better at performance.

It’s about teaching them how to tap into an inner strength, an inner voice.

That’s why I call my work and my approach “an inside job”.

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