What Makes a Positive Attitude So Attractive?


Someone who has a positive attitude is like a ray of warm sunshine that brings me happiness. When that person smiles in a genuine way I can feel the warmth radiating from every cell in their body. He or she lights up the moment for me. Isn’t this true for you? Just think about your circle of friends. Identify the friend who has the most positive energy. How do you feel when you are around this person?


How Does Being Positive Reduce Your Fear of Speaking?


If you can focus on trying to be positive, you will be distracting yourself away from your fear. Both states (being positive and being afraid) have a hard time co-existing. It is also true that both will grow in strength, depending on where you put your attention.


There is a quote that says “energy flows where attention goes.” Every time you have a negative thought about how you will falter or fail, you diminish yourself and reduce your energy. On the other hand, by making a habit of thinking the best about yourself and/or a situation, you will be uplifted and more motivated to step toward what may seem like a risk.

The next time you are asked to speak, if you can affirm yourself for having the courage to step up instead of imaging the worst that could happen, you will be increasing your confidence and decreasing your fear.


Your Positive Presence Touches People More Than Your Words


If the positive center of you is filled with a friendly radiance, then you become magnetic. People are drawn to good energy. They open up to receive what you have to offer. Whatever it is you say, remember that it will be carried by the ever-present powerful waves of goodness which is who you really are. And people will be ready to hear your words because you have paved the way with your presence.


Doreen’s Essential Speaking Tip


Next time you have to speak in front of others, and you feel a familiar pang of fear, then start right away re-directing your thoughts to the positives. Make two lists. On the first one, tell yourself the positive qualities that you know to be true about yourself. Affirm them. Reinforce them, again and again. On the second list, note the positive outcomes that will result for those who will be listening to you. Will they receive information, inspiration, or both?


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