Kind Words

I want to share a note I received from one of my clients who participated in my 12-week Online Coaching program.
She wrote to me and said, “I appreciate the opportunity to learn to hear, listen and take actions based on my inner voice!”

Nancy’s Mission

Nancy did not sign up to be able to deliver a speech and get over her reluctance to speak in public.
Instead, she wanted to learn how to find, listen, and connect to her truth inside
Like so many of us, she grew up with messages from parents that made her doubt herself. 
Messages that sound like this… “You don’t know what you are saying,” “Stop being so sensitive,” “What you say is not important.”
Those messages made her doubt her own voice. She became afraid to speak up.

She could not say no to work assignments and was always overloaded.

She could not say no to a sibling and felt pressured to attend family gatherings.

She could not say no to a friend who was taking advantage of her.

Overcoming Fear From the Inside Out

Nancy needed helping finding her true voice. She joined my 12-week coaching program to connect with the truth that she felt inside. Her goal was to break through her fear so she could express her thoughts and feelings.
She learned how to say, “No, that’s not for me,” and speak her truth.
Are there times you want to say no but say yes? If you can’t say no when you need to, then you are not living in your truth.
Today, make a commitment to speak from truth.
Join me in my 12-week coaching program where you will learn how to be confident speaking from your truth.

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