Clear Thinking and Fearless Expression: Relational Presence Intensive

[vc_column_text]Facilitated by Doreen Downing and Lee Glickstein

When: Saturday and Sunday, TBA
Time: 10am-5pm
Fee: $250

Information: Tel: 510-524-4055
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At this training you will be provided with the support and tools you need to express yourself with ease, presence, and clarity in your own unique way in front of any group.

Whether you are new to Speaking Circle or a regular, a non-speaker, beginning speaker or a professional, this in-depth training will lead you through the transformational principles of Relational Presence and The Clarity Process. You will experience a relationship with your audience that is both effortless and powerful.

Through Relational Presence you will discover how to:
• Ease any fears of speaking in public
• Compel rapt attention without performing
• Access your innate magnetism, humor, and storytelling ability
• Listen as you speak and “speak into the listening”
• Find comfort in natural silence

Through the Clarity Process you will have the opportunity to:
• Know and grow your best ideas
• Access your clearest thinking in front of a group
• Express your soul
• Learn a new way to clarify an intention and move toward it

Doreen Downing, Ph.D., is a Clinical Psychologist, Founder of The Essential Speaking Institute, and Training Director of Speaking Circles® International. She specializes in the treatment of anxiety caused by the fear of speaking. In addition to her authentic communication workshops, private coaching, and psychotherapy, she leads Speaking Circles in Berkeley, CA, along with teleconferences, e-courses and seminars throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe.[/vc_column_text]

Interview with Dr. Doreen Downing and Debbie Hoffman

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