The sound waves of speaking

A potential participant heard that in Speaking Circles we come up with our own topics, and she wrote to me asking if this was true. She was afraid she didn’t have anything to say. This is my response to her…

“I’m glad that you are considering how Speaking Circles might help you. Our process focuses on developing your presence…your ability to stay present with yourself and with your listeners. Content, what you say, is not the focus of attention, so coming up with a topic is not the point. In fact, there are many times people don’t speak at all in their turns.

Words are sometimes more on the surface and serve as a way to cover up insecurity. In Speaking Circles, we are reaching into the depths where who we really are in all the best sense of potential and possibility resides. We affirm and say yes to the part of you that wants to grow into her own natural beauty and strength. When you can access this inner voice, you are more free to be yourself in any situation.

We support the essential qualities that are always radiating from within. I can understand that if you don’t feel good about yourself, you might think that what gets seen by others is not positive. But in our program we help listeners look for the ever-present and ongoing best parts in each person…in this way people grow healthier from the inside out.

How I would further guide you if you still feel uncomfortable about coming up with a “topic,” is to suggest that you think of this work as a way to learn a new skill that we call Relational Presence. With simple, easy instructions we help people be in the moment and share whatever comes up for them. Sometimes nothing comes up and that is fine, as long as they continue to practice being with one person at a time.

Remember, what I teach is not how to be a better speaker; I help people tap into their true self and be more comfortable expressing themselves with ease.”

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