4 Shifts of Transformation

A few years ago, I created a webinar that some of you may have signed up to watch at one time or another. It’s called The 4 Secrets My Clients Use to Discover Their Authentic Voice and Speak Without Fear.

Since it’s been a while, I thought I’d mention it here again.

For those who watched, did you get the help you needed in overcoming your anxiety and finding your authentic voice?

If you haven’t had the chance to watch the presentation or would simply like a refresher, here is the link: https://joinnow.live/s/tuqmMs

Hesitation vs. Fear

As a result of this training, I did get a lot of questions about my coaching programs:

  • How effective is one-on-one coaching?
  • What’s the difference between individual coaching and group coaching?
  • Do you offer payment plans?
  • Is this right for me if I work in such and such industry, if I work from home, if I am already confident, if I don’t even speak in front of others as part of my job?
  • Will this really make a difference? Is it worth my time and investment?

And the truth is, a thousand times yes, it does make a difference and it is worth your time and investment.

Ask any of my former students. Really.

“My work with Doreen has helped me find my way to my core self and to access my inner strength faster than I may have been able to do on my own.” -Stephen 

What Will Happen If I Trust You?

My expertise combines psychology and speaking, so my techniques are special because they target the root of your own unique mindset and perceived barriers.

And I’m so passionate about the breakthroughs that can and will happen in the lives of people who choose to take the jump.

I thrive on watching the magic happen– but a more real way to say that is that I thrive on watching you discover the magic you’ve always held within yourself and using it to find true abundance in every single aspect of your life.

Freedom Over Fear

I do offer you the free webinar so you can decide if working with me will make the big difference you are seeking when it comes to speaking.

I wish I could give my coaching away. But it’s too valuable.

And it’s a proven fact that we value things more if they cost something.

So let’s make an investment together. I can’t wait to meet you and unravel the incredible side of you that wants to finally be expressed. The world is waiting to see and hear what you have to say.

Individual Coaching Program
Group Coaching Program presale: next session starts in May
Self-Guided Course
Single Session

Questions? Email me anytime at doreen@essentialspeaking.com.

See you soon,