The sound waves of speaking
I rang the chimer to start the Facilitator Training program, and the sound of the bell hung in the air for a very long time. We were all quiet as the vibration filled the room.

The note seemed to float through the window, into the forest, beyond the village, and across the land.

My intention was to help liberate the inner voice of every trainee who was sitting there. Like the bell that was still traveling through the universe, I imagined that the gift of each one’s essence would ring out and reach the people who would someday gather in their Speaking Circles.

In turn, those participants would move out into a wider community of friends and family to generate a new quality of relationship based on full presence, and on and on.

Your authentic voice has a beautiful resonance that lingers and spreads throughout the room. Like music for the heart, a group responds to the clear melody. You can easily lead individuals through a process that will change their life and the life of everyone who comes into contact with them.

In this way, your voice is the sound that initiates a series of transformations, echoing into the generations to come.

Doreen’s Essential Speaking Tip:

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