Finding Inner Clarity

I thought you might be inspired by a podcast episode I’ve just heard. I believe it speaks to how to overcome speaking anxiety… any time… any where.

It’s from the podcast series Unshakable Self-Confidence, and it’s about taking the leap into your true nature, the essence of who you are. Check it out here:

Basically, Joni Pollard presents a 4-point sequence to help you reconnect to your most essential power at the very moment you get triggered by fear.

Which is exactly how to quickly get out of anxiety and fear when you’re speaking in public. Doesn’t it sound amazing to image yourself fearlessly stepping up in front a room of people, because you know you can calm your anxiety as it arises?

Yes! You can use these four steps to reach that inner clarity and extraordinary power within you… the very same power you need to remove anxiety.

1.    Life is Sacred

2.    Love is our Nature

3.    Wisdom is our Power

4.    Fulfillment is our Purpose

These “insights” may seem esoteric to you. So, how can something so esoteric be so powerful? Here’s my explanation…

When life gets intense, such as it can when you’re faced with speaking in public, your body screams out in panic.

Fright takes hold of your throat… muscles get tight and tense… breath gets short and ragged. These adverse reactions cause a total dis-connection from your deepest self, your center, your Essence. You are suddenly trapped by dread.

Your deepest self is more powerful than your fear

But, here’s the “secret”: your deepest self holds way more power than fear.

So, when you have a direct experience of the truth of your being (where your natural storehouse of inner power resides), you naturally remove fear from your system.

And yes, everyone has this storehouse of power within them… even you.

When you realize your true nature, you gain the power to confront fear, move through it with ease, and finally beyond your fear and into to any desired outcome you want. And, I’m assuming the outcome you desire is to speak with a deep inner confidence.

So this podcast is definitely worth a listen. Let me know what you think.

Here’s that link, again: