Fearless Speaking is Confident Speaking

After a recent training on Fearless Speaking, a seminar where I teach you how to be confident whenever you speak, one of the participants watched his video and reported witnessing his transformation from fear to authenticity.

A Workshop Participant Speaks

“I remember going to see the film ‘Bambi’ as a kid, and I remember that scene when he gets on the ice for the first time. When I watched my videos, there was that same trembling creature inside of me. And who is he? He’s the real and authentic me, bubbling up like a spring through a crack in a mountain side.

A mountain side that has developed a profound pretense, a marvelously accurate simulation of being in relationship with others, but actually, as I can see on the video, and feel inside, what has existed for as long as I can remember is a real disconnection. Just occasionally tho’, there’s the real guy. Ah, yes, there you are, I saw you, before you made a ‘sweeping statement’ and lost yourself and everyone else too.

Thank you for engaging and sharing in this simple and profound process. There’s a phrase that I use from a healing technique called EFT, and part of the phrase says, ‘I deeply love and accept myself.’ After the seminar, when I next used this phrase, it was like hearing it for the first time. And in so doing, with the support, acceptance, and belonging I’m now experiencing, I know I’m on my way to being more like Thumper than Bambi.”

Find Yourself, Be Authentic, and Change Your Life

Just as the above participant experienced, you too can reconnect with the real you and speak without fear. It is a journey of self-discovery, one where you reclaim the power to be yourself.

And the way to dissolve fear is to find a safe arena such as the Fearless Speaking: Discovering Your True Voice workshop which I lead in San Francisco. In this workshop, I guide you, step by step, through experiential exercises that help you learn to differentiate the sound of your authentic voice from the one that has been conditioned to please others and get approval.

With a new relationship to your true self, you begin to speak up. You find, like the participant above, that you can be seen and heard. You are no longer a trembling creature; you are like a fresh spring flowing.

Doreen’s Essential Speaking Tip:

How you view yourself is one place to start when you are facing the fear of public speaking. Ask yourself, “why am I afraid?” You might come up with an image such as the participant did. He saw himself as the scared little deer. What image do you see? Now find an image that represents the kind of person you want to be. The important thing to realize here is that whatever image you focus on is the one that will grow. So start now to put more and more of your attention on the one that represents who you can be.

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