The Untangling

This testimonial just came in from one of my private clients. I loved it so much I wanted to share it with you.

A couple of years ago I changed my job to one that required periodic speaking in front of audiences that could range from 10 to 50 people with a potential in the future to become as big as 500 people.

“My experience of speaking at that time was one of utmost terror. My heart would be pounding, hands shaking, my mouth scorched dry, my voice trembling, and I had a bad stomach pain to boot.

“I decided to deal with this issue and after trying several different things, found the Essential Speaking coaching program with Doreen.

“She is able to tap right into the heart of very old and painful wounds and help you gently and slowly untangle and heal them.

“As a result of this “untangling”, I was able to have public speaking experiences that went from slight nervousness in the beginning of the program to complete confidence and even excitement and joy while speaking these days.”

A Transformation

This transformation, going from terror to complete confidence, is common for my clients who are willing to explore the underlying roots of anxiety.
Together you and I can uncover what might have happened in the past that still causes you to avoid the public eye.  
Finally, you have the answer to the question you have harbored for so long… “why am I afraid of public speaking?”

If you are ready to uncover the underlying reason why you cannot control your nerves when speaking, sign up for an “Anxiety Breakthrough” session.
Here is what we will do:

  • Locate the roots of your anxiety
  • Identify a strategy to calm your nerves
  • Tap into your true authentic voice  

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