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What is Authentic Speaking?


A workshop participant who attended Leadership Presence:  How to Inspire Groups to Action wrote this note to me and my training partner, Lee Glickstein, founder of Speaking Circles International.

“I want to say a huge thank you for the incredible gift of holding such a safe and expansive space for us all and for the incredible love and acceptance that has allowed me to move through some very difficult ‘stuff’ … (breath!)

I loved that there was a chance to heal from within a very old pattern … and it just happened in that place out front… (breath!)

I feel an immense gratitude for the space, the time, and the opportunity to grow.

Our stories are but one story… just another aspect of the same lack of love, appreciation and acknowledgment. What I found in the simplicity of this work was that love, appreciation and acknowledgment heals all by itself … it’s simple… and yet not easy to accomplish in the inner chatter of the mind that wants to make stories of our stories!

It’s so simple… and I’m curious about how we managed as a species to get so far from the truth of ourselves… the stories… who are we without them? (big breath!)

……..beautiful, caring, loving, respectful, shining, powerful, graceful, real, sparkling, magical, electric, bold, divine beings…

thank you for showing up… and being there…”

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