Best Way to Calm Your Nerves when Speaking

Do you want to know the best way to calm your nerves when you are about to speak in front of an audience?

If you want to know how to keep yourself composed and calm when speaking, read this article…

“Big Game Preparation – 7 Tips to Staying Cool & Calm in the Clutch”

You will see immediately why I want to share this exciting news with you. What the author, Dr. Alan Goldberg, says an athlete must do to stay calm as he/she approaches a game applies to you!

Your nerves, like athletes, can interfere with your performance.

The Real Cause of Public Speaking Anxiety

And, the real cause of your nervousness, it turns out, is not what you might think.

Let me say that again.

Your nervousness is not about who is in the audience. It is not about how many people are watching you. It’s not about how well you will do.

The point I’m making (and so does Dr. G) is this:

It’s not what is outside of you that is making you nervous… it’s INSIDE of you that is the real cause of your speaking anxiety. What causes you anxiety and stress is the way you respond to what is around and outside of you.

I won’t give away all the 7 tips to staying calm because I think Dr. G can say it much better. However, here is one of the big takeaways.

Be Calm and Stay in the Here and Now

You stay calm if you can keep your focus on the “here and now.” In other words, stay present.

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