My Fear to Lead a Meeting

Why? Because, after a few cancellations, I had only two people signed up for the Berkeley Speaking Circle®?

The meeting was scheduled to start in an hour.

I wondered…

…If the two participants could get enough value out of such an undersized group.

…If I should begin the group as I usually do and just carry on.

I always present the guidelines and then invite each person to take turns practicing Relational Presence … be in the moment with one person at a time, listen, and let words naturally arise.

But, when I thought about guiding the participants to “be with one person at a time,” it didn’t make sense. There would only be one person upfront and one person in the audience!

I was nervous and uncertain. I considered telling them they could go home as soon as they arrived.

How I Found my Courage

So, I took a breath … actually a couple of big breaths (hint: this is a great way to reduce anxiety in the moment!).

I had to quiet myself and be open to what was about to take place. I didn’t yet know how the evening would turn out. It could be anything from shambles to brilliance.

Since I teach others how to handle anxiety by being present in the moment, this seemed to be the best guidance I could follow.

The wisdom I pass on to others is that answers lie within. So I looked inside myself, listened, and heard what my inner voice had to say.

I remembered a phrase that goes like this, “Be easy going in the not knowing.”

And the result…

The Speaking Circle® with just two participants… was amazing!

The three of us sat together in pure listening. I gave each person a 15-minute turn so they could reach and perhaps say what was on their minds and in their hearts. Each one had the time and space to find and strengthen the connection to their most Essential Self… and speak from that place.

I offer Speaking Circles® in Berkeley and Marin, CA. Contact me to join in so you can strengthen your connection to your Essential Self and speak with deep confidence.