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Leaders Who are Open to Learning

When a participant in my Leadership Presence workshop wondered about her tendency to deny her own power as a leader simply because she was a woman, I asked her if she was willing to look more deeply at this tendency. She was already committed to her personal growth, and like the others in the class, she realized that being a leader first begins with knowing yourself as fully as possible. So she began to open up to a personal inquiry and asked herself what was it about being a woman that made her feel less powerful?

When questions are asked and the intention is to find the truth, one can discover much that might be hidden from view.

If you notice any shying away from your power, then this can lead to a treasure chest of personal discovery.

In the case of the participant, she found that she was insecure because she had grown up with two older brothers who had become successful businessmen. She had always looked up to them and put them on pedestals. There was not a pedestal there next to them for her. But she was the one who had to put it there! And this was her realization.

Leaders Ask Themselves Personal Questions

At this level of leadership where you are much more committed to being in presence and engaging with people in an authentic way, it is imperative that you start with yourself. If you are going to be delivering content from a place of passion, then you need to be able to look within and not allow any blocks to shadow your your beacon of light.

Leaders Move Themselves From Fear to Freedom

Learning is at the heart of  my Leadership Presence workshops. My purpose is to create environments where leaders can move from fear to freedom of expression. Participants come so they can not only uncover obstacles to their leadership potential, but they can find more of their own essential self. In finding their true voice, they can speak with a natural and genuine authority that inspires others to follow.

Doreen’s Essential Speaking Tip:

If you are committed to leading with presence, then first spend time doing a personal self-assessment. Make a list of all that excites you about being a leader. Make another list that points to any uncertainties you have about your role. These doubts or insecurities point to where you can begin to go deeper to uncover what blocks your true power as a leader. 

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