Leadership Presence: How to Inspire Groups to ActionLeadership Presence: How to Inspire Groups to Action
Facilitated by Lee Glickstein and Doreen Downing

When: Saturday and Sunday, May 8-9, 2010
Time: 10am-5pm
Where: San Anselmo, CA
Fee: $350
Registration: www.speakingcircles.com
Prerequisites – Speaking Circle® experience that demonstrates your understanding of Relational Presence

Leaders influence others to action through the power of presence. There’s nothing more crucial to successful leadership communication than being receptive, genuine, and compelling whenever you give a presentation, lead a meeting, or speak with just one individual.

The mistake most leaders make is to place priority on their content rather than on the human connection through which information and inspiration flow. That is why this training begins with a thorough grounding in Relational Presence, allowing you to lock in your innate capacity to naturally compel rapt attention whenever you engage with others.

You will have abundant opportunities to “get out of your own way” and allow your wisdom, experience, and authority to emerge and flow from your core.

In this 2-day training, you will…

• Develop your capacity to be fully present and speak with clarity about your area of expertise.
• Access and articulate the source and passion of your “essential knowing.”
• Discover the ideas and principles that express the essence of your unique message.
• Increase your confidence to share your vision.

Along with contemplation and journaling time there will be small and large-group exercises to integrate masterful leadership presence with inspiring content.

Note: This training is a prerequisite for entering the Facilitator Certification Training Program.