What Is Public Speaking, Really?

You might think “public speaking” is about being on a stage with a microphone in hand. The audience sits with rapt attention, or so you wish.
But the idea of speaking formally in front of an audience is only a narrow description of what speaking in public is all about.
I believe that whether you speak to a group or you speak to just one person, you are public speaking.
Why do I think that all speaking is public speaking?

ALL Speaking? 

This may be a stretch, but when I am talking to just one person, I sometimes experience the same anxiety that I feel when I am speaking to a group of people.
I can sense the pressure to say something… anything to fill up the uncomfortable gap that silence creates.
Can you relate to this sort of pressure to speak up even when it is only with one person?
Do you sometimes feel nervous like I do?
Consider these examples of 1:1 conversations. Mark a “yes” if you have felt anxious.

  • Interviewing for a job
  • Selling a product
  • Saying no to a friend
  • Reporting to your boss  

Did you mark a “yes” on any one of the above examples?

If you did put a “yes,” then I would say you have public speaking anxiety.
And the key to overcoming any kind of public speaking anxiety is mindfulness.
With mindfulness you can catch the early signs of dread that take hold of your body… a flutter of your heart or heat rushing to your face. 

Gaining Control

When you can catch the anxiety signals early on, you have more control. You can turn the dial (if you have learned how) to create a relaxed state of being.
Would you like to learn how to use mindfulness so you can be calm, clear, and confident when you speak? If so, sign up for a free “Anxiety Breakthrough” session with me.
In the “Anxiety Breakthrough” session, together we will

  • Identify what makes you anxious when you are talking to others.
  • Create a clear picture of exactly what you want when you communicate.
  • Make a clear plan to overcome your challenges and finally feel free to be yourself.  

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