Presence and Connection Lead to Customers

When you speak, it is your presence and connection ability that carries your words to a customer. You may think that your words are the important factor, but being in the moment, fully present, connected to yourself and others gives power to what you say.

Whether it is sales or support, when you are anxious, you are less effective. Perhaps you feel pressured to make an impression or get the sale. Maybe you lack experience and feel inadequate. You fear that you might stumble over your words, get lost in what you are saying, or your voice becomes weak and less convincing.

Reduce public speaking anxiety

Doreen Downing, Ph.D. offers an innovative approach to reducing speaking anxiety. Teaching you ways to be present and calm as well as connected and centered. This allows you to focus on who and what is right in front of you, which is creating a genuine relationship with the customer.

Learning how to anchor yourself in the moment, engage with listeners, and speak authentically will bring new and positive results. Contact Doreen for more information on her courses click here.