Stones representiong the Four Qualities when you Speak from the Heart: Reliable, Open, Competent, Compassionate

When You Connect to Your Essence, Your Voice is Pure and Powerful

I think one has to first believe that within their own body/self/soul there is a core essence that is powerful, pure, and positive. But how do you find and connect with that state of being within?

Several ways I have come to know this for myself have involved therapy, personal growth workshops, coaching, and, of course, Speaking Circles. I had to learn to open up, trust, and believe that the feedback participants were giving to me in Speaking Circles was really a true reflection of who I am. And, I had to come to believe it myself before I could relate to the notion that this was true for others.

When You Connect to the Essence of Your Listeners, They Will Easily Engage With You

Learning how to find the essence of another starts with you first believing in your own goodness and being able to connect with it. From this inner point of being you can see others in the most positive light. With your kind regard, you can disarm your listeners just by the way you gently beam your light toward them. When they know they are seen and regarded on this deeper level, they feel safe in your presence. They can then open up and listen to what you have to offer.

Doreen’s Essential Speaking Tip:

First identify one positive quality about yourself. Examples could be gracious, generous, kindness, etc. Imagine shining a light on this quality and seeing it surrounded by a positive glow. Like a beam radiating out from within you, feel the warmth and power of this positive quality and how it can touch others. Now do the same thing when you think of a friend; find the quality, surround that quality with light, and let yourself be touched.

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