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Today I found an article related to authentic speaking by Teresa Tayag, Trainer, Speaker, Public Speaking Coach from “Let the Real You Shine Through.” Teresa writes…

“Public speaking has been a very intimidating pursuit for many. Experienced speakers have established countless forbidding guidelines that make many aspiring speakers cringe and at times, give up. The gurus have dictated their defined “rules” as if they are proven scientific facts: the way a speaker looks, the way a speaker moves, the way a speaker talks, and a million other pointers. These have made it so impossible for some potentially great speakers who may not fall within the common standards.”

Be Authentic and You Will Shine

I believe that Teresa points to the main problem of conventional training for speakers. So many people who have meaningful, empowering, and life-affirming messages are afraid that they can not get on a platform and perform to the standards of a Tony Robbins. They are trying to look like someone else, not their authentic self!

Even though an audience may respond to a polished and dynamic speaker, they certainly can appreciate and value someone who is brave enough to forego the theatrics and let the real light of their soul shine through.

Passion, Personality, and Play

Teresa identifies the 3 P’s that you can remember when you are encouraging the real you to step forward and speak…Passion, Personality, and Play. If you have a strong belief in the contribution your work, book, or message can offer, than your PASSION is the fire that can draw the attention of the very people who want to hear what you have to say and may be moved to action.

Your PERSONALITY is unique and you can bring yourself into a conversation with an audience just as you would when you speak to a friend. Your closest confidants like what is special about you and these are strengths that will serve you whenever you talk with groups.

PLAY is your ability to let go, engage with others, and enjoy the activity. With speaking, you can be more light-hearted and see the exchange of words as a game of fun that you can play with others.

The main idea to take from the three P’s, passion, personality, and play, is that you are much more powerful as a speaker when you are connected to your true self. You can find yourself, and change your life!

Doreen’s Essential Speaking Tip:

Breaking away from the negative thinking that you might be carrying in your head is the first step. Just because you might not look or sound like a high paid professional speaker, doesn’t mean you don’t have something that is important to offer. Find a support group, perhaps a Speaking Circle, where you can practice talking out loud about your passion. Here you can get feedback for how your natural personality moves and touches your listeners. Since there is no pressure to put on a performance, you can experiment with the many ways you can reach your listeners.

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