Essential Speaking Programs Can Lead you to Your Real Self

Have you been longing for a deeper connection to your real self? Your heart, mind, and soul may beckon you toward a path that can lead you to speak authentically. In Essential Speaking programs, you will find an innovative process that not only dissolves stage fright, but will empower you to be true to who you essentially are.

Though solitude gives you moments of reflective nourishment, the journey need not be a solo one. The light of compassionate guides can help you tread the dark and scary places that arise along the path.

Fear can melt into excitement

With encouragement, you can carry on, discovering that fear melts into excitement when embraced, and buried treasures are always found. Genuine celebration sweeten your discoveries.

In the company of loving others who delight in your curiosity, you begin to feel your creativity. Playfulness, acceptance, compassion, and empathy reawaken. At last you hear the joyful cry of vitality, ah this is me, this is truly me. A hidden truth is then revealed. You were born authentic!

Your path to authenticity

The journey to your real self will take you beyond the familiar that has defined you. Here in the spacious unknown, surrounded by compassionate listeners, your attention can be guided back to your own heart. Now you truly know. The path toward authenticity was imprinted upon your soul at birth.

Doreen’s Essential Speaking Tip: Surround yourself with gentle and accepting listeners in a Speaking Circle. If you are not able to join one, then begin by writing in a journal. First open yourself to listening to your heart and let it speak to you. There is wisdom and guidance already within you. Soon, I’ll be launching a Fearless Speaking 10 Day E-Course which you will be able to complete in the privacy of your own home. Watch for the announcement.

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