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Your True Self is a Powerful Communicator

Most people who have a fear of speaking in public can not begin to imagine that they could ever be their true self and speak in front of others. But the most powerful communicators are ones that can be absolutely authentic and even vulnerable as they reveal who they are and what they have to offer.

Commitment to being authentic is this kind of speaker that I want to help cultivate in the programs at The Essential Speaking Institute. When you can learn how to connect with your own inner voice and begin to trust the wisdom that comes from within, you are on your way to being free of external approval. And, you are able to open yourself in a real way to your listeners.

My book, Essential Speaking: The 7-Step Guide to Finding Your Real Voice, can give you a path to your inner voice. Here is a book review from a reader who knows that audiences want to listen to a speaker who is not perfect.

Doreen delivers practical tools from many perspectives to release the true self as speaker. She shows us how to become the open-hearted, connected persons we all long for but are afraid of becoming.

Doreen guides the reader into a sense of security with the silent center of self. From this truthful, honest place the speaker connects with intimacy (“into me see”) to her audience, drawing a sympathetic and connected response.

Doreen’s compelling message disengages us from our fear of being imperfect, and instead challenges us to use this human quality of imperfection as the hook that attracts an audience to the person speaking even more powerfully than the words the person speaks.

We remember “beyond fear is freedom” and with Doreen’s gentle support enable ourselves to become dynamic and sought after speakers, on all platforms and to all audiences. Bravo!

Review written by Michael F. Bouscaren

Doreen’s Essential Speaking Tip:

With the thought that freedom lies beyond fear, you can be inspired and encouraged to do whatever it takes to reduce and eliminate the fear of public speaking. My book is a great start. Plus I have a Fearless Speaking E-Course that you can receive for ten days straight in your email. In addition, look around in your own community for a class that can help you find your own strength, perhaps an assertiveness training class, an improv class, or a public speaking class.

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  1. Judy Miller

    I want to start speaking in public about myself in order to help others. I need to explore blocks holding me back. My therapist brought up the subject of block, but different from writer’s block. We are going to discuss it later. I wonder what you think about it? For example, a person is a “ask, receive, run” person. Those aren’t the exact words.

  2. doreen

    Hi Judy,

    I looked at your website and am amazed at your beautiful spirit, your courage, and your gift. Yes, people do need to hear what you have to say. It is so important. I’m glad you are looking at what might be scaring you about speaking up in front of others. It will empower you to move through a block and find yourself on the other side with more confidence. How to do this? It sounds like your therapist is on track with helping you focus on the block. However, I’m not familiar with the kind of person you referred to.

    In addition, I would suggest two other strategies. One is to affirm those qualities that are your strengths because when you speak, coming from your essential self rather than from some script will touch your listeners in a more profound way. The second is to focus on your passion to reach people with your message. You are being called and that commitment to open yourself, as you did in the book, and show people that personal transformation is possible is a great motivator. I believe in the power of one person who has suffered, survived, now thrives, and is ready to step into service to others. That is you!


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