What stops you?

What stops you from following your inner voice?


The quote I’m sharing with you today says it best…

“You will never follow your inner voice until you clear up the doubts in your mind.”

If clearing up our doubts is the answer to following the voice within, then the next question is…

How to clear up the doubts that stop us?

I’m interested in these questions right now because I’m wondering what might stop you from signing up for the online Essential Speaking group coaching program.

Personal Doubts

Even if you say “money” “time” or “not ready,” you might look underneath to see if there is doubt lurking.

Do you doubt you…

Have an inner voice?

Can find your inner voice?

Can trust your inner voice?

These thoughts, these doubts are hidden in the corners of your mind. They need to be pulled out and placed on the table in front of you.

Look those doubts squarely in the eye and expose them for what they are… obstacles in the way of you taking action to make a big, big change in your life.

I believe that your inner voice is the most powerful asset you possess, and I want to help you find it.

And, I want to help you be empowered to express your true voice whenever you speak.

So, if you want to be more confident without an aching doubt getting in the way when you speak, join me for the online Essential Speaking group coaching program. We start next …

  • If you doubt you can…
    • afford it, I have arranged a monthly payment plan.
    • find the time, I have arranged the weekly calls for a lunch hour (Pacific Time).
    • be successful at finding your inner voice

Here is what a recent participant said:  “I found an inner, grounded, real sense of confidence. My true voice and my strength were waiting for me all along.” Sarah M.

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