Seeing Your Self

I just received this question from one of my students about the mirror exercise I offered in a recent video…

“How long would it be best for me to stay in front of the mirror?”

My answer….

Remember it needs to be a small mirror, one that is handheld like I demonstrated in my video. A full-length one will distract you. We want you to simply “be with” your eyes only.

The primary instruction is to gaze softly into your eyes. Stay with your eyes and don’t look away at all. Just keep gazing.

Then as you are looking, notice what your experience is.

Riding the Waves

You might feel bored or you might think you’ve had enough, but stay with that thought. Notice the next thought, and the next.

It’s like waves that keep rolling in. The waves come through, one after another. And each one can be different. Just allow what the wave brings in.

I can’t say what you might encounter as you gaze, but it is a process and it keeps shifting, shifting, shifting.

The goal is to stay with the waves of sensations, thoughts, feelings until you sense a deeper connection with an inner presence.

You might say you have journeyed to your deepest self and found it.

As you find your deepest self… you begin to feel a new sense of strength.

This is your core strength, and it is always available to you.

Taking Action 

P.S. This is just one of the exercises I use in my personal coaching programs when I work one-on-one with clients. If you’re interested in getting personalized help to overcome your public speaking anxiety, I have some spots available for one-on-one clients.

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